Credits assignment procedure

In case of institutional courses with final examination, you will be automatically assigned the related credits as soon as the lecturer of the course will send the confirmation that you passed the examination.

For all other activities you must require the credits assignment by sending an email to phd.aes@unitn.it,  including the program of the activity and a proof/confirmation that you attended and/or passed the final examination of the activities.

General conversion rule for assignment procedure


Credits type A

PhD Courses with final examination 8 hours of lectures = 1 credit (type A)
MSc Courses with final examination (allowed only in the first year of the PhD Program) 1 credit (type A)*10-12 hours (according to the MSc. Syllabus) - up to 6 credits maximum


Credits type  B

PhD Courses without final examination 8 hours of lectures = 1 credit (type B)

Conference-Congress-Workshop (international value)

1 credit* 8 hours (1 day) + 1 if poster presentation or 2 if oral presentation. Up to maximum 5 credits for each event

Thesis co-supervision

Up to 2 credits per thesis

PAID Teaching activities support

No credits

NOT PAID Teaching activities support

Every 10 hours = 1 CREDIT

Collaboration in the scientific organizations and logistics of Congress and Conferences

Up to 1 credit

Cycle of Seminar relevant for the PhD Student research (approved by the Supervisor and the Coordinator)

Every 5 Seminars = 1 credit (up to a maximum of 2 credits)