Calendar of the institutional courses for the academic year 2019/2020: click on the individual courses for further info about programs and registration details


Schedule Title of the course Lecturer/s Location hours ECTS
28 and 31 January 2020 Laboratory safety course  UniTN officers and consultants UniTN 4+8 NA
3-6 February 2020 - not active Invasive Species and forest health Nicola La Porta FEM 16 2
10-14 February 2020 Integrated river morphodynamics G. Zolezzi, W. Bertoldi, M. Tubino DICAM 32 4
13 - 18 February 2018 Food chemistry and physics E. Aprea, F. Gasperi, I. Endrizzi FEM 24 3
17;18;20 February 2020 Exploring Biodiversity using DNA-barcoding and molecular clocks Omar Rota-Stabelli FEM 12 1.5

18;20 February

31 March - 02 April

Introduction to Nonparametric Analysis Valerio Mazzoni FEM 16 2
19-21-26-28 February Data exploration Pietro Franceschi CIBIO 12 1.5
02-03/2020 not active Sustainable production and consumption from a social perspective E. Bozzini, F. Forno, G. Fele SRS 24 3
2-30 March 2020 (Mondays and thursdays) Experimental Economics Matteo Ploner SRS 24 3
2 March- 4 May 2020 Molecular Plant Breeding

S. Vezzulli, L. Costantini, F. Costa, C. Varotto

online classes 32 4
postponed - check the new schedule here Environmental data management and analysis with GIS M. Ciolli, A. Vitti, P. Zatelli DICAM 40 5
23-26 March 2020 - not active Aquatic ecosystems in natural and human impacted environments

M. Tolotti, M.C. Bruno, W. Bertoldi, G. Zolezzi

DICAM 24 3
6-7 April 2020 Innovative methods in crop protection

G. Anfora, I. Pertot, M. Perazzolli, G. Puopolo, V. Mazzoni, E. Bozzini

online classes 16 2

13 -17 April 2020 

(7 hours in Aug-Sept)

The transmitters: the fascinating life of insect vectors of plant pathogens Daniele Cornara online classes 20 2.5
27-28-30 April 2020 Exploring gene evolution using phylogenetics and phylogenomics Omar Rota- Stabelli online classes 12 1.5

post-poned to July-August 2020

Direct and ambient mass spectrometry for food, health and environment: principles and applications

F. Biasioli, I. Khomenko, E. Aprea, B. Farneti

FEM 32 4


Plant Physiology and Genetics of Fruit Ripening F. Costa, N. Busatto, B. Farneti, M. Perazzolli online classes 24 3


May 2020

Evaluation of agri-food products and policies

Simone Cerroni

online classes



12-15 May 2020 - not active Animal Conservation in Theory and Practice

F. Cagnacci, F. Ossi, H. C. Hauffe




13 and 20 May 2020 - not active Soil quality assessment in a climate change perspective M. Rodeghiero, M. Perazzolli, I. Pertot FEM 16 2
25 and 29 May // 3-4-5 June 2020 Field sampling and Spatial Ecological Modelling M. Ciolli, C. Cattoni DICAM 40 5
22-24 September 2020 Forest biodiversity and productivity: from genes to remote-sensing

C. Vernesi, M. Rodeghiero, D. Gianelle,  L. Vescovo, R. Zampedri, M. Dalponte, L. Belelli Marchesini

FEM 24 3
2-17 November 2020 (Mondays and Tuesdays) Food quality and consumer choice: from theory and practice F. Gasperi, E. Aprea, I. Endrizzi FEM 24 3

4-6 November;

12-13/19-20 November 2020

Protecting innovation M. Ferrari, A. Pironti DFG 24 3
Oct-Dec 2020 Econometrics Carlo Fezzi DEM 38 4.5
Oct-Dec 2020 Behavioural Economics Luigi Mittone DEM 48 6
to be defined Introduction to metagenomics Nicola Segata   12 --1.5
to be defined Production and characterization of fermented foods

R. Larcher, T. Nardin, R. Guzzon, T. Roman, S. Moser,

L. Tondiandel, M. Malacarne 

FEM 16 2
A.Y. 2020/21 Spatio-temporal data analysis in Movement and Population Ecology

F. Cagnacci, L. Delucchi and additional colleagues, including external experts

FEM 40 5
11-12/2020 Statistical methods and data analysis Stefano Siboni DICAM 32 4
11/2020-01/2021 Food authenticity and origin

F. Camin, L. Bontempo, R. Larcher, M. Perini 

  16 2
01-02/2021 Ecological and epidemiological modelling R. Rosà, A. Pugliese FEM 16 2
AY 2020/21 Domestication and diversification of crop species M.S.Grando, C. Moser FEM 24 3



Indicative period Title of the activity Lecturer/s Hours ECTS
1st year Scientific presentations in English Heidi C. Hauffe 16 2

Recommended for 2nd year students

Scientific writing in English

Heidi C. Hauffe

16 2

2nd   or 3rd year

How to write a research project

Ilaria Pertot 16 2
each year - dates to be defined

Research, Intellectual Property and Start up Creation (RIP1)

UNITN Research Support and

Knowledge Transfer Division