Official communications

E-mail is the primary mode of communication in the Doctoral Course Programme and all deadlines and school-related news and events are communicated via e-mail from/to the official "unitn" account.

It is imperative that doctoral candidates check their e-mail on a regular basis.The Coordinator and the Doctoral School Committee do not approve exceptions based on not knowing regulations or deadlines.

The Programme is governed by the University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes and the internal rules (official documents available in the download section).

--> PhD general rights, duties and opportunities are available here


Authorization requests to be submitted to the Doctoral School Committee: the list is available in the download box.

Travels: online authorization and reimbursement procedures

Registration to external activities (Summer/Winter Schools, external courses, conferences, workshops, etc.)

Mobility abroad and Scholarship increase for a period abroad of at least one month.

Purchase of books and subscriptions through the University Library System 


Referents of the PhD Program

PhD Program Administrative Manager/Secretariat: phd.aes@unitn.it (credits, admission to the following year; educational offer; doctoral Program Committee; general rules and procedures;..)

C3A Secretariatc3a@unitn.it (issues related to C3A)

Unitn Offices in Povo - Via Sommarive

Science and Technology - PhD officephd.office-st@unitn.it 

Main Activities related to PhD students management: enrolment in the University System (taxes, enrolment deadlines, etc.); release of the degree and diploma supplement; issue of the official certificates stating the enrolment of the Student in the Doctorate School Programme

Ufficio Missioni - Travels Management: missioni.collina@unitn.it

Main Activities related to the PhD students management: information about travels procedures; support for on-line travels  application;  reimbursement requests management;

Ufficio eventi esterni: iscrizioni.eventiesterni.collina@unitn.it (register to external courses, workshops, conferences, etc.)

Purchases and Accountability Offices/Ufficio Acquisti: acquisti.collina@unitn.it (doubts about good and/or services purchase, SGA procedures..)