Point of contact at UniTrento
dott. Maurizio Piergiovanni

Point of contact at FEM
Dr. Urska Vrhovsek 
Dr. Panagiotis Arapitsas 
Dr. Silvia Carlin

This line of research applies state-of-the-art techniques of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and metabolomics in the field of food and beverages, to study products and processes as tools for directing both traditional and innovative productions. Specific attention is paid to the study of the biodiversity of food of agricultural and nutritional interest in the mountain area.
The research is conducted in the laboratory, on a pilot and real scale, also in the context of industrial research, to scientifically support the improvement of the products of the wine and agri-food chain and the creation of products and processes with added value, and of improved quality. Based on the knowledge, ideas, innovation, and collaboration with producers.

Precision enology. It promotes research aimed at the development of precision and sustainable oenological models.

  • It aims at obtaining new compositional and sensory information on the impact of the genotype, production techniques and machinery and products used in the oenological chain to improve the quality of the wines that reach consumers. 
  • It aims to expand the knowledge on the metabolic space and the chemistry of grapes and wines, by investigating the role of new molecules and new reactions. 
  • It aims to understand the identity factors in the composition of the different wines, in relation to variety, territory, and winemaking styles.

Food chemistry and characterization of local products, including medicinal plants and mountain food plants.

  • This chain includes experimentation activities aimed at the identification, quantification and characterization of bioactive compounds and the study of the biodiversity of nutritional and agricultural interest in the area. 
  • For example, we can mention research on Casaliva del Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, and on local products such as saffron from Monte Baldo, Torbole broccoli, purple potato from Margone, bread from the Alps, etc.