Point of contact at UniTrento
prof. Michele Perazzolli (coordinator)
prof. Gerardo Puopolo
prof.ssa Ilaria Pertot
prof. Gianfranco Anfora
prof. Massimo Bertamini
prof. Mirco Rodeghiero
dott. Marian K. M. Malek (Marie Skłodowska curie fellow)
dott.ssa Sara Avesani (PhD student)
dott. Giorgio Licciardello (PhD student)
dott.ssa Irma Milanese (PhD student)

Point of contact at FEM
dott.ssa Claudia M. O. Longa
dott.ssa Carmela Sicher
dott.ssa Valentina Lazazzara
dott. Oscar Giovannini

The main focus of the research group is the molecular and functional characterization of plant defense mechanisms against biotic and abiotic stresses, in order to understand the communication mechanisms of crops with beneficial microorganisms and the molecular processes responsible for plant resistance induction against pathogens and abiotic stresses related to climate changes. 

The main goals of the research unit are:

  • to understand mechanisms of plant-plant and plant-microbe communications mediated by soluble and volatile organic compounds;
  • to identify the contribution of beneficial microorganisms in plant tolerance to abiotic stresses associated to climate changes;
  • to identify natural factors that affect the biodiversity of the plant microbiota and the efficacy of beneficial microorganisms against biotic and abiotic stres.