Point of contact at UniTrento
prof. Dino Zardi (coordinator)
prof. Mirco Reodeghiero
dott.ssa Nadia Vendrame

Point of contact at FEM
P.a. Stefano Corradini (unit coordinator)
Ing. Fabio Zottele
Dott. Roberto Zorer

The Research Unit investigates the interactions among atmospheric and climate factors and agricultural and forest systems on the following topics: 

  • development and implementation of instruments and monitoring systems, both in situ and from remote, of the main meteo-climatological variables of interest for agriculture and forestry;
  • development of mathematical and numerical models to study the evolution of meteorological variables at several scales (synoptic, local, microscale), including turbulent fluxes;
  • study of meteo-climatological extreme events with impacts on agricultural and forest systems;
  • development of forecasting systems to support agricultural and forest management, including agricultural operations, sustainable use of water resources, risk protection (both meteorological factors and pathogens), and resource planning; 
  • study of biogeochemical cycles, with special focus on vegetation-atmosphere interactions; 
  • study of climate change and the interactions with agricultural and forest systems, including impacts.