Point of contact at UniTrento
prof.ssa Federica Camin (coordinator)

Point of contact at FEM
dott.ssa Luana Bontempo

The research unit focuses on the development of research on stable isotope ratios analysis of bioelements and on NMR profiling.
The main application concerns traceability, i.e. the development of analytical methods or statistical models, capable of objectively tracing the origin of a product or component. The main area is agri-food, with the aim to verify the geographical origin and the authenticity and to protect products with geographical denominations in the context of the globalized market.
In addition, the unit has developed technological know-how that can be used in research in the field of ecology (in particular in the traceability of the movements of animals and insects), hydrology, physiology and paleoclimatology, with a view to integrating the various C3A units and the various research institutes in Trentino.

Main research lines:

  • respond to the requests of consortia or groups of local and national producers in terms of both the protection of products of controlled origin (PDO, PGI) and, especially in the field of nutraceuticals, of determining the naturalness of the active compounds;
  • develop new methods especially compound specific (i.e. inherent to some components of the product) and NMR profiling to identify new markers of traceability of origin and authenticity;
  • develop traceability models based on the combination of NMR and isotope profiling;
  • develop systems for the creation of predictive maps (isoscapes) of isotopic values ​​to be taken as a reference as a less expensive alternative, both in terms of time and costs, of the creation of specific databases for the different matrices.;
  • strengthen relations with local production.