Point of contact at UniTrento
dott.ssa Annachiara Berardinelli (coordinatrice)
prof. Eugenio Aprea
dott. Simone Cerroni
dott.ssa Sihem Dabbou
prof. Luca Fiori

The research line aims at developing technological and methodological solutions focused on the reduction of the use of natural resources, on the increment of the security and nutritional and sensorial properties of traditional and newly formulated foods.  

Main research topics are:

  • industrial scale-up;
  • design, demonstration and validation of innovative and green technologies based on advanced oxidation processes and hydrothermal conversion;
  • IOT for process automation;
  • study and development of innovative materials and systems for “Smart Packaging” functional for environmental sustainability and food storage;
  • circular economy and industrial innovation: valorization of residual agricultural and agro-industrial biomasses for energy, food, environmental and material recovery purpose (carbon in particular);
  • study of the acceptability of these innovative technological solutions by the economic productive agents operating in the relative supply chains, considering the associated business risks;
  • study of the consumers acceptability of products deriving from these innovative solutions using quantitative marketing techniques.