The Teaching Board (or as frequently called in Italy, the Doctoral Program Committee) consists of full, associate professors and researchers of Trento University, researchers of Institutes participating in the partnership of the Doctoral Program. Duties and competences of the Teaching Board are regulated by the PhD Doctoral Program Regulations.


Gerardo Puopolo


Paola Foladori

Teaching Board 

Executive Committee

Main duties: final phase management and admission, approval of occasional extra activities. The Executive Committee is composed by: Walter Bertoldi, Paola Foladori, Stella Grando, Michele Perazzolli, Ilaria Pertot, Gerardo Puopolo. 

PhD Students representatives

  • El Moussaoui Samah (within the PhD Program in Agrifood and Environmental Sciences)
  • Smaldone Anna (within the PhD Program in Agrifood and Environmental Sciences)
  • Brussi Greta (within the Center Agricolture Food Environment - C3A)

Doctoral Programme Administrators