Point of contact at UniTrento
prof. Roberto Rosà (coordinator)
prof. Gianfranco Anfora
prof. Andrea Pugliese

Point of contact at FEM
dr. Annapaola Rizzoli
dr. Giovanni Marini
dr. Valentina Tagliapietra

The research activity concerns the application of quantitative methods for the study of the spread of zoonotic pathogens and insect pests harmful to agriculture. In particular, theoretical models are developed to study the distribution and dynamics of vector populations of zoonoses (e.g. mosquitoes and ticks), populations of invasive pest species affecting crops, and models for the evaluation of the infection risk of transmitted diseases.
Specifically, the methodological approach includes the implementation of:

  • statistical models for the identification of eco-climatic drivers for the abundance and dynamics of invasive species of zoonotic and agricultural interest;
  • mechanistic models for the study of population dynamics of vectors of zoonotic pathogens and invasive pest species for agriculture;
  • epidemiological models for the quantitative characterization of zoonoses transmitted by vectors.