Contact point at UniTrento

prof. Gianfranco Anfora

Contact point at FEM

dr. Valerio Mazzoni
dr. Gino Angeli

The main focus of the research unit is on understanding the biological processes underlying the phylogenesis, physiology and ethology of insects that are relevant to agriculture, in particular through the study of their sensory communication mechanisms and their ecological interactions. The objective is to generate scientific innovation to develop new technologies to protect agro-ecosystems from pests in a
sustainable way while also facilitating biodiversity.

The research unit is also at work to understand how insects (and other invertebrates that are harmful and/or helpful to agriculture) communicate and how they interact with plants and microorganisms (multitrophic interactions). Gaining such knowledge is vital to design and implement integrated control systems with a low environmental impact. The unit also investigates invasive alien species.