Point of contact at UniTrento
dott. Michele Faralli (coordinator)
prof. Massimo Bertamini

Point of contact at FEM
dr. Claudio Moser

The goal of the viticulture research unit is to focus on applied and basic research issues in the area of vine physiology and viticultural techniques. A change in viticulture in a changing environment is a necessary step that requires an effort in order to better understand the plants’ abiotic and biotic stress response and adaptation mechanisms.

This will facilitate the implementation of management practices capable of reducing the impact of climate change on the quality of productions.

The main research lines are:

  • eco-physiology of the vine and vineyard management;
  • abiotic stress response and adaptation mechanisms;
  •  implementation of organic vineyard management practices;
  • smart viticulture;
  • phenological monitoring;
  • physiology of fruit ripening.