The PhD in Agrifood and Environmental Sciences aims to train researchers to plan and implement experimental research and innovation in the agricultural, food and environment sectors. During these advanced studies, the student will gain knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary research environment focusing on modern agricultural methods and technology and, more generally, on anthropic interactions with the environment.

This PhD course has been designed on the basis of the global labour market, which lacks sufficient numbers of professionals capable of both understanding and interpreting the language, methodological approaches and advanced techniques used in basic research, and translating this knowledge into novel technologies and innovation for application in commercial agri-food and environmental enterprises.

At the same time, the research sector needs highly trained, forward-thinking scientists who can continue to generate the fundamental knowledge necessary to stimulate innovation for economic and social sustainability.

Considering the wealth of sectors involved, the doctorate aims to equip students with solid research training in relevant disciplines as well as indispensable specialized skills, with constant attention to the adoption of interdisciplinary methodologies and practices.

The PhD course is born in synergy with the Doctoral Programme in Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of DICAM, in particular in relation  the topics of hydrobiology and environmental meteorology and their interconnections with agro-ecosystems.