Admission to the Doctoral Programme is only through public selection. The call for applications is open to students of all nationalities, who have an Italian "laurea specialistica"  or "laurea magistrale" - i.e. who are graduates - a university degree according the previous Italian regulation, or equivalent degree qualification obtained abroad, i.e. Master of Science Degree.

The Selection for the intake 2022/23 is closed! 

All information are available here 

Reserved topic positions for applications - intake 2022/23.

  • A - Investigating oral microbiota signatures related to sensory responsiveness to food: a contribution to understanding food preferences and to promoting EATing habits related to WELLbeing and health (EATWELL)
    Scientific Referent/s: Flavia Gasperi (UniTN-CIBIO), Davide Giacalone (University of Southern Denmark)
  • B - Numerical modelling of atmospheric transport processes of particulate matter along mountain slopes
    Scientific Referent/s: Dino Zardi (UniTN - DICAM) ,Gabriele Tonidandel (APPA)
  • C - Development of green and real time analytical solutions for the monitoring of bioprocesses of agroindustrial relevance
    Scientific Referent/s: Franco Biasioli (FEM), Eugenio Aprea (C3A-UNITN), Vittorio Capozzi (CNR-ISPA)
  • D - Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSI Analysis)
    Scientific Referent/s: Luana Bontempo (FEM), Roberto Larcher (FEM)
  • E - Characterization of the mechanism of action of new sustainable fungicide
    Scientific Referent/s: Claudia Maria Longa (FEM), Michele Perazzolli (UNiTN-CIBIO)
  • F - Assimilation of radar data for improving snowmelt modelling in alpine regions (“SnowTinel”)
    Scientific Referent/s: Giacomo Bertoldi (Eurac Research), Riccardo Rigon (University of Trento), Niccolò Tubini (University of Trento)
  • G - Downscaling and upscaling of fields of atmospheric variables from modeling and observations by means of Artificial Intelligence techniques (additional, published on 2/08/2022)
    Scientific Referent/s: Marco Cristoforetti (Fondazione Bruno Kessler-FBK), Dino Zardi (University of Trento)

Details of the reserved topics, are available in the official webpage of the call for applications.

Examination's schedule 

  • Deadline for applications: 25 August 2022, hrs. 04.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2);
  • Assessment of qualifications: starting from August 29, 2022;
  • Publication of the list of candidates admitted to the interviews: within Monday, 5 September 2022;
  • Interviews: 8,9 September, 2022 (up to 12 September if necessary).
  • Final ranking list will be published within 26 September