Admission to the Doctoral Programme is only through public selection. The call for applications is open to students of all nationalities, who have an Italian "laurea specialistica"  or "laurea magistrale" - i.e. who are graduates - a university degree according the previous Italian regulation, or equivalent degree qualification obtained abroad, i.e. Master of Science Degree.

The call for application for the intake 2024/25 is open! 

All information available here .

Reserved topic positions for applications - intake 2024/25.

  • A - Innovative insurance contracts to boost environmental performances of agricultural businesses 
    Scientific Referent/s: Simone Cerroni, Roberta Raffaelli
  • B - CROSSGRAPE: Exploiting primed acclimation strategies via cross-tolerance in Vitis vinifera for inducing adaptation under climate-change scenario
    Scientific Referent/s: Michele Faralli, Massimo Bertamini; Maria Stella Grando
  • C - Research and development of new alternatives based on microorganisms, plant extracts, and Soft chemistry to Control grapevine downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) and plant diseases caused by bacteria (e.g., Erwinia amylovora on pome fruits) for new IPM strategies in crop production. (Acronym: SoftControl)
    Scientific Referent/s: Gerardo Puopolo, Dario Sterzi
  • D - The multifaceted role of microbiomes in the agroecosystems: regulators of cognition in honey bees and effectors of biodiversity in spontaneous fermentations
    Scientific Referent/s: Omar Rota Stabelli, Gianfranco Anfora
  • E - Numerical modelling of atmospheric transport processes of particulate matter along mountain slopes
    Scientific Referent: Dino Zardi
  • F - VINE-CHANGE: Unlocking the underlying mechanism defining intra-varietal (cv. Chardonnay) and inter-specific (Vitis spp) variability in key traits of adaptation to climate change
    Scientific Referent/s: Bontempo Luana, Franceschi Pietro, Faralli Michele, Bianchedi Pierluigi, Bertamini Massimo
  • G - Impact of climate change on carbon and nitrogen cycles in forest ecosystems
    Scientific Referent/s: Damiano Giannelle, Mirco Rodeghiero
  • H – Effects of ozone-enriched storage atmosphere of fruit postharvest quality
    Scientific Referent/s: Annachiara Berardinelli, Fabrizio Costa
  • I - Investigating Nutritionally Viable and Environmentally Sustainable alternatives to Traditional animal-based foods: (INVEST): A multidisciplinary approach with the consumer at the center. (Progetti UE H2020 SISTERS [GA N° 101037796 - CUP E45F21001020006] and UE H2020 PROMEDLIFE [GA N° 2132 - CUP E43C22000480006])
    Scientific Referent/s: Flavia Gasperi, Eugenio Aprea
  • J - Characterisation of atmospheric transport and ground deposition processes of volcanic emissions by means of WRF-Chem model simulations and assimilation of data from observations for the development of forecasting systems (published on 08/05/2024)
    Scientific Referent/s: Dino Zardi, Mauro Coltelli

Details of the reserved topics available in the official webpage of the call for applications.

Examination's schedule 

  • Deadline for applications: 28 May 2024, hrs. 12.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2);
  • Assessment of qualifications: starting from 30 May, 2024;
  • Interviews of candidates who passed the assessment of qualifications: 10-14 June 2024;
  • Final ranking list will be published within Mid-July 2024.