Admission to the Doctoral Programme is only through public selection. The call for applications is open to students of all nationalities, who have an Italian "laurea specialistica"  or "laurea magistrale" - i.e. who are graduates - a university degree according the previous Italian regulation, or equivalent degree qualification obtained abroad, i.e. Master of Science Degree.

The call for application for the intake 2023/24 is closed! 

All information are available here .

Reserved topic positions for applications - intake 2023/24.

  • A - An analysis of the contracts regulating the transfer of innovative genetic materials in the viticultural sector 
    Scientific Referent/s: Matteo Ferrari (UniTN), Arturo Pironti (FEM)
  • B - Residual biomass conversion to value-added materials for electrochemical applications
    Scientific Referent/s: Luca Fiori (UniTN - DICAM), Matteo Benedetti (UniTN -DII)
  • C - Metabolomic and functional characterization of bioactive compounds of wild sage plants for downy mildew control in grapevine
    Scientific Referent/s: Michele Perazzolli, (UniTN) - Peter Robatscher e Michael Oberhuber (Laimburg Research Center)
  • D - Climate change effects on the ecology and diapause metabolism of the European spruce bark beetle - Ips typographus L. 
    Scientific Referent/s: Mirco Rodeghiero (UniTN) - Livia Zapponi (CNR-IBE)
  • E - Innovation in monitoring of mosquito vectors of human and zoonotic diseases in Italy
    Scientific Referent: Roberto Rosà (UNiTN)
  • F - Numerical modelling of atmospheric transport processes of particulate matter along mountain slopes
    Scientific Referent/s: Dino Zardi (UniTN), Gabriele Toninandel (APPA)
  • G - Development of molecular networking approaches for the analysis of untargeted metabolomics datasets – MolNet
    Scientific Referent/s: Pietro Franceschi, Mar Garcia Aloy (FEM) - Peter Robatscher e Michael Oberhuber (Laimburg Research Center)
  • H – Biotremology for Pest Management: new solutions against stinkbugs and true bugs
    Scientific Referent/s: Valerio Mazzoni (FEM) - Gianfranco Anfora (UniTN)

Details of the reserved topics, are available in the official webpage of the call for applications.

Examination's schedule 

  • Deadline for applications: 10 July, hrs. 12.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2);
  • Assessment of qualifications: starting from 13 July, 2023;
  • Interviews of candidates who passed the assessment of qualifications: 24-28 July 2023;
  • Final ranking list will be published within 4 August 2023.

Further PhD opportunities available within the UniTN call within National Recovery and Resilience Plan (news and instructions here